How to Make Money from your website

“genius is 1 percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration” – Thomas Edison

You clearly want to make money. If you didn’t you would not have worked hard enough to get yourself onto this page. I have got to be honest with you though, while the opportunities to make it are infinite, it is not always that easy. You don’t often (although it does happen) hear that successful people got where they are sitting around and waiting for good things to come their way. They worked hard. Very hard. They deserve what they have achieved. But you can do the same, but be prepared to work. In fact if you want it the easy way, don’t continue to read. This isn’t a get rich quick scheme, but rather a list of ways that you can make a passive income from a website if you are prepared to work to brand yourself and drive enough traffic.

The obvious one, advertising

Advertising on your website is a great and easy way to earn money with minimal effort once your website regularly receives traffic. We are going to focus on three types of advertising: cost-per-click, cost-per-impression, and fixed rate and display type advertising. Cost-per-click advertising means that if you post an advert on your site, and someone clicks on it, you get paid (simple right?). This is usually fairly well payed opportunity for website owners to consider, however only usually works when your website has enough traffic. The idea here is to direct ads that your traffic is actually interested in, resulting in a higher click rate. Next, pay-per-impression advertising works by paying you/the website owner, to display the add to all the websites traffic. Then for each quota (usually a 1000 impressions) of people who see the add, you get paid a certain amount. If you have a wide variety of material on your site that covers many topics but generates a lot of users, this kind of advertising is for you! Lastly fixed rate advertising is advertising space that you offer on your site (and charge for daily or monthly).

Affiliate marketing
Now this is almost a whole field on its own and to get into it now would result in this being the longest post anyone has ever written. But I digress, affiliate marketing has made many a webmaster a pretty penny, either when they were promoting someone else’s product for a commission or when it was their product being sold through multiple affiliates! If you have a good traffic following in a particular field or industry, then consider using affiliate marketing networks in order to find a product that such traffic might be interested in. You’ll earn a commission (sometimes very substantial) for every product sold and will also be providing your traffic something of value. If you are on the other side and have a product but have no idea how to reach enough customers, it could be a good idea to try affiliate marketing networks and establish multiple channels willing to sell your product to their followers (for a small commission of course)!

Subscription based content
If you feel that the kind of information your website provides is extremely valuable and that you cannot afford not to earn something off of it, then maybe you should consider charging people for your information. A warning though, if your content is below par or you have yet to establish a name for yourself in your field, it may be very difficult to convince people to part with their hard earned just to hear what it is you have to say. However if you have a name for yourself and have branded yourself well enough, you will almost always have no end in customers ready and waiting.

Lastly, cut your losses and ditch the website. I mean sell it
This is done waaaaaay more than you realize. People build websites over time (or buy and improve other websites) in order to sell them for a profit! Just like starting and selling a business, to get going can be difficult but if you manage to build a good customer base or following and can show the cash flowing in the right direction, you might just be able to find someone out there with the interest and the means to buy your website from you (and this can be for some good money I must mention)!
So there you go. If you have started your own website and are wandering why it is worth your time, just consider these points and how you can turn it into a money maker.

As always, let us know what you think of the information above and what else we can write about. All the information and advice is gathered from extensive research and experience, and of course it is written with the aim to help other start out entrepreneurs succeed and unfortunately not necessarily guarantee returns or success as much as we wish we could. If you are currently working on a start-up, write to us via our contact page and we will be sure to publish all the info you would like to include about via our platform for nothing else other than the chance to help you reach more people!

Keep Hustling.

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