How to start a small business

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Steps that you can take to start your own small business, anywhere…

“if opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door” – Milton Berle

I don’t want to hear it. No one really does. In todays world it is easier and cheaper than ever before to start a business and therefore there is no excuse to be stuck in a job you don’t enjoy, or not to make the dream business idea of yours a reality. That is why, more so than ever before, if you have an idea or a passion (or even if you don’t and just do not want to work for someone else your whole life) then now is the time for you to make a living off of it.

With the internet, you can connect the three most important components for a successful business – a product or service that people want, contact or communication with customers or people who are willing to trade (usually money) for that particular product or service and of course a way to receive the payment they are offering. This communication is done now a days through social media and or websites as both of these platforms are cheaper, more accessible and do not require marketing expenditure in order to reach people. And don’t for a second think you do not have the skills to accomplish this because there are more and more people offering these services every day, including us! Our websites are gateway to helping entrepreneurs getting their businesses started!

As you will see in the short video below, there simple steps you can take to start your business, each of which will be explained in more detail in their own articles.

Step 1: find a product or service you want to sell or something that you may be passionate or knowledgeable about that people may consider paying for.

Step 2: even if what you decide on in step has been done before, don’t be disheartened! Use that brainpower that has led you think like this in the first place to help you discover or invent a way in which your idea is so different, unique, niched, or special that its place in the market is a “no brainer”

Step 3: decide on who (especially what type of person) will benefit the most from your service

Step 4: plan in writing what product you will sell, how you will contact your potential market of clients and how you will receive payment from them. Although not crucial, and in fact we actually encourage not getting stuck with the planning as this can lead to an “analysis paralysis”, writing your business plan will help to guide your efforts and remind you to stay on track.

Step 5: calculate how much money you will need to start the business, however, bare in mind that is more possible than ever before to start a business online with very very little funding!

Step 6: a great way to check your idea for any potential floors is to test it on as many people as possible!

Step 7: finally, Launch! Go live on social media, websites or other blogging platforms or even walk from door to door and offer clients your product or service and from then on be the entrepreneur you know you can be.

As always, let us know what you think of the information above and what else we can write about. All the information and advice is gathered from extensive research and experience, and of course it is written with the aim to help other start out entrepreneurs succeed and unfortunately not necessarily guarantee returns or success as much as we wish we could. If you are currently working on a start-up, write to us via our contact page and we will be sure to publish all the info you would like to include about via our platform for nothing else other than the chance to help you reach more people!

Keep Hustling.

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