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How to Conceive Business Ideas… or at least just an idea or two 

Maybe you’re young and fresh out of high school or university and aspiring to be the next big young entrepreneur, or maybe you’re tired of your current 9 to 5 and feel that you need some big change and that you need it soon. Whether you’re either of the above or somewhere in between, the idea of starting your own successful business venture will have crossed your mind at least a few dozen times throughout your life. But as with most things, it’s easy to imagine that you’re capable of such tasks yet a little more challenging to follow through and set the wheels in motion. This is article is here, hopefully, to open your eyes to the world of possibilities for small businesses that you could start today! Bare in mind this is not just  a list of different business types, it is more a seed to encourage entrepreneurial thoughts to grow and to motivate you to get started with them!

Because there are just so many options and ideas out there, we will try to limit them each to a different sphere or industry!

Turning your Hobbies into money!

“if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life!” or so the old adage goes. More and more now a days it seems less possible to turn a hobby or passion into something that can pay the bills because so many others out there are trying to do the same! Although initially you may find the odds stacked against you, if you take what you enjoy (possibly a hobby), add a little ingenuity to it and multiply that by the possibility of technology in the 21st century and again add some elbow grease with a little consistency, you will arrive at an answer that spells success in almost any industry. And best of all, you will be payed to do what you enjoy! An example could be starting your own website (see our articles on low cost website production or see our low-cost website solutions page!), advertising and writing about your skill and what makes you unique and then spreading the word via digital and social media marketing platforms! Never before has it been so easy to start a business and spread it’s word to so many.  This very broad action plan can apply to almost any person that has the diligence to work hard and a talent, skill or hobby for which people pay.

Take the time to Learn Something New… and then Teach It!

This may overlap with the aforementioned paragraph, however don’t underestimate it’s potential. If you feel that you know a lot about a certain topic or topics then consider getting involved in the consulting, coaching, teaching, tutoring, blog writing or even ebook industries. Once again, these businesses are even more easier to be involved in than ever before thanks to the current access to internet and technology that we have in our modern day and age and again don’t think that such ventures require terribly much capital either! People who have good insights are often payed big money to divulge such information….

Work not far from your homepage!

We have mentioned it before and will continue to do so, do not underestimate the power and opportunities provided by modern technology and the internet! Companies are becoming less

focused on forcing employees to clock in and out of the office and more and more focused on ensuring the work is done on time and correctly. This has led to an increase in the number of people who are able to work from home or even around the world. Keep your eyes open for simple tasks which companies might need to complete and offer to do provide such services, at a price of course 😉 , from the comfort of your home and in your time!

Be the Entrepreneur you are on your way to becoming!

The last but probably most important way to create a business or to at least come up with an idea for one, is to apply the most basic yet fundamental approach: constantly be on the lookout for processes, gaps and frustrations to alleviate or optimize and provide a service or product that people just cannot afford to be without!

As always, let us know you think of the article and whatever else we can write about. All the information and advice is gathered through extensive research and experience, and of course it is written with the aim to help other start out entrepreneurs successful and unfortunately cannot necessarily guarantee returns or success as much as we wish it could. If you are currently working on a start-up , write to us via the contact us page and we will be sure to publish all the info you would like to include about it via our platform for nothing else other than the chance to help you reach more people!

Keep Hustling.

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