How to choose a product to sell

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So you’ve done the research, set up your online presence and even social media accounts. You’ve gone the extra mile and know exactly what to do to generate traffic. Except for one thing… you realize you don’t know what to sell. You can’t even think of a service you could provide. Things aren’t looking good for your business… but never fear! As with many dilemmas in todays world, other entrepreneurs have recognized this and provided many a solution. Below we will detail just a few ideas which you can use to generate some sort of income from your online presence or fully fledged e-commerce site.

Good old Affiliate marketing
This is not a new solution and has made many an entrepreneur a very good amount of money online. The trick however is to use the traffic one your site or social media page and ultimately supply them with the kinds of products or information that led them to you in the first place. If you have just started and are not receiving enough (or any) traffic, then first it may be in your interest to make use of content marketing and its ability to generate organic traffic to your site. Once you know what kind of people are ending up on your page and why, you can target them with a specific product or offer.
There are many affiliate platforms which offer products for you to earn commission off of and even provide statistics on which sell the best. They even sort the products into categories making it easier for you to find the product your website traffic needs
Use your passion
If you want to never work a day in your life, then spend your day doing something you enjoy. This adage still stands true even in today’s world where people find themselves earning supplementary or even full incomes talking online about the topics they enjoy. Imagine being paid to speak and write about the things you are interested in? That is our point. If your are knowledgeable in a topic there are people all over the world who are potentially interested in hearing what you’ve got to say. You can later turn this into e-books or courses which are hugely popular! Couple with this affiliate marketing opportunities now a days and you can reach more potential clients than ever before.
Sell the kind of products you want to buy
This one, although seemingly obvious, is often over looked! However, if you are interested in a product, especially of one of worth and that is in demand to many people, the odds are very high that you may know quite a bit about it already or that at the very least there is usually a lot of information and even reviews about the product online.
Use Google Trends to see what people are looking for!
Google Trends offers valuable research into what people are searching for. The cool thing about it is that it even allows you to tailor your search information to topics, key words and even time and place. This is a huge advantage when trying to estimate the demand for your product!

Need a product? Just ask us and we will give you one!
We here at Ciya Business Solutions are always looking for ways to expand our reach help more and more entrepreneurs out there with getting them online! If you feel your audience could benefit from this then contact us and we can set you up as an agent, even if you’ve never had any coding experience! We even do the website for you so that you don’t have to worry!
As always, let us know what you think of the information above and what else we can write about. All the information and advice is gathered from extensive research and experience, and of course it is written with the aim to help other start out entrepreneurs succeed and unfortunately not necessarily guarantee returns or success as much as we wish we could. If you are currently working on a start-up, write to us via our contact page and we will be sure to publish all the info you would like to include about via our platform for nothing else other than the chance to help you reach more people!
Keep Hustling.

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