“You are so good at your job, why don’t you go on your own?”  So I did

Those where the words that I heard from my peer’s, family and friends all of
the time.

Start your own business and you’ll make more money.

Well that was easier said than done.  Just because one is good at their job,
does not make them good leaders nor good managers.  It makes them good at
what they do, in my case,  selling houses.

Stockton Property consultants turned 12 this year and I would like to share
my “up’s and down’s” with you.

A huge challenge for me was having to manage people, after all I thought
that everyone worked like I did, had the same business ethnics.

I was rudely awakened.

This was rather naïve from my side because if everyone worked like I did
they too would be starting their own business.  I had to respect the fact
that not everyone has the same drive or passion as I do.  Not everyone is
career orientated and their passion and interest may lay elsewhere.  |So I
now had to learn to accept the fact that I had to manage people.  Tell them
how to dress, not to do personal business at work and so the list goes on.
While I had to manage and run the company I wasn’t out selling bringing in
an income, I had to learn to put systems in place, time management and above
all to have balance or else I would lose sight of where my strength lay and
that was being out in the market place.

The market place, too brought its challenges whereby I was exposed to the
ethics of my fellow colleagues as well as the public’s general perspective
of an estate agent.  The public tend to forget that our industry is only
paid on results and not efforts or time put in so we get abused across the
board.  Take responsibility for my agent’s false promises or lack of

So you ask yourself, how did you stay in the business so long? – Faith, core
values and LOTS of hard work were my recipe for success.  That Sunday that I
would have preferred to braai with my friends, I worked.  That cold winter’s
morning where I could have slept in, I got up.  I educated myself, went on
time management workshops learnt management skills.  Doing a little extra,
doing that bit more than the next guy, lots of little everyday equals a lot
over time.  Self-discipline and accountability are the core values not to
mention the importance of empathy and basic, “treat others as you would like
to be treated”.

I’ll leave you with a quote that I have framed and pinned to my office wall,
which serves as a constant reminder for me:

“The highest courage is to dare to be yourself in the face of adversity.
Choosing right over wrong, ethics over convenience and truth over popularity
… these are the choices that measure your life.  Travel the path of
integrity without looking back, for there is never a wrong time to do the
right thing”.  Author unknown


Mandy Stephenson


Stockton Property Consultants

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